Studio Exhibition

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    Northumberland Sky - Cresswell Beach 30x30.JPG (111368 bytes)    Northumberland Sky - Ripples In The Sand 36x24.JPG (123635 bytes)    Northumberland Sky - Tide At Dusk 30x30.JPG (122939 bytes)        Northumberland Skies On The Way To Druridge Bay.jpg (113683 bytes)        


Northumberland Skies -Tide In    Northumberland Skies Watching The Tide.jpg (158406 bytes)    Northumberland Skies Alnmouth Bay Before The Storm.jpg (56939 bytes)        Northumberland Skies Walking Down To The Sea.jpg (93720 bytes)   



        Agapanthas Black Panther    Yorkshire Poppies 30x30.JPG (232577 bytes)    Rudbeckia - Calke Abbey 36x24 box.JPG (180072 bytes)    Daisies In The Lawn.jpg (99954 bytes)            



 Henblas Thistles Anglesey 12x24B 230 [25%].jpg (122026 bytes)    Dahlia Walk to the Potting Shed Calke Abbey 12x24B.jpg (91752 bytes)    Coach House Henblas 30x30.JPG (192188 bytes)     Away from the crowds Venice in January 20x26B.jpg (105300 bytes)    Deep in thought as eveing falls Venice in January 12x32B.jpg (49420 bytes)    Dusk Venice in January 12x32B.jpg (53562 bytes)




Cornflower 24x36B.JPG (191378 bytes)      Pink Echinacea Hidcote Gardens 26x20B.jpg (104366 bytes)        Red Lily 24x36B.jpg (107710 bytes)        Chaenomeles flowering quince Main St Barton 20x26B.jpg (101241 bytes)        East Coast Poppy Field





Bluebells and Brambles Dunstall 16x16.jpg (105050 bytes)          Hedgerow Poppies 12x12 framed.JPG (163121 bytes)          Daffodils Under The Trees Sudbury Hall 12x12B 90 [25%].jpg (85056 bytes)           Margarites 12x12B.JPG (259768 bytes)           East Coast Poppies 26x20B.jpg (114812 bytes)        A Break in the Day




Bay Trees By The Lake Sudbury        Woodland Walk Kedleston Hall        Bluebell Woods - Kedleston Hall.jpg (236999 bytes)        Early Morning Dew Kedleston Hall 24x18B 240 [25%].jpg (236561 bytes)       The Woods Kedleston       Woodland walk in spring Dunstall 20x20 framed.jpg (140442 bytes)




Echinacea        Astrantia        Helenium        Tiger Lily 24x36B 370.jpg (192000 bytes)        Alliums




Late Spring Leaves Rustling Kedleston Hall 40x36B 595 [25%].jpg (225341 bytes)            A Walk In The Woods           Farmers Tracks Yoxall       Frosty Autumn Morning Kedleston Hall 36x24B 410 [25%].jpg (233992 bytes)     




Blackberry Blossom 20x20B 220 [25%].jpg (75970 bytes)            Water Lilly - 18x18 framed.JPG (123379 bytes)            Lilium (250 x 622).jpg (52409 bytes)            Alliums - A Summer Flowering Bulb        Old English Rambler        Little Pansy




Delphiniums Calke Abbey 6x12B 65 [25%].jpg (70254 bytes)            Wild Foxgloves Sudbury 6x12B 65 [25%].jpg (68812 bytes)            Making Decisions York In February            Wisteria Window 20x20 240.jpg (247647 bytes)            Clematis Montana Curling Around The Window Sundury Hall 20x20B 240 [25%].jpg (79380 bytes)        Softly Swaying Daisies at the edge of the woods 24x36B 360 [25%].jpg (117846 bytes)



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