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Kara Strachan Workshops June to September 2019

For bookings and availability please contact Kara


Wed 1st May 10am-4pm ‘Clouds Reflected In The Sand’ – £60

-       Encourage you to think about vanishing points and horizons in your artwork.

-       Challenge you with underpainting and over layering, mirroring all that is in your sky in your sandy wet Beachscape.

-       Mix warm and cool tones in your paint to create perspective.


Sat 11th May 10am-4pm ‘Fruit Blossoms’ – £60

-      Work very dry to create atmosphere and movement with lights and darks of tree branches in the background. Add         and take paint off the canvas to produce softer qualities.

-     Describe with paint the beauty and smoothness of petals in contrast with the pollen filled stamens, using flicking techniques to bring the blossoms alive. 

Saturday 1st June 10am-4pm 'Atmospheric Landscapes and Fields’ – £60

-       Interpret in acrylics the vibrant and varied colours of fields and landscapes.

-       Create an atmospheric sky.

-       Use mark making techniques to suggest trees and buildings in the scene.


Wed 5th June 10am-4pm ‘Alliums, Soft And Loose’ – £58

-       Discover how to paint using acrylic, dry and thick, with sponges and cloths, removing paint to create soft lights and darks.

-       Create the suggestion of flower heads with different forms of mark making.

Sat 15th June 10am-4pm ‘Seascapes, Rocks And Ripples In The Sand’ – £60

-       Create textures in the surf with sponging, flicking and brushwork.

-       Challenge you with underpainting and over layering.

-       Create rock formations using different techniques.

Wed 10th July 10am-4pm ‘Potted Daisies’ – £60

-       Work very loose and free to interpret the random growth of Daisies.

-       Allow for your background to have movement and interest as much as your foreground using sponging with dry and wet brushwork.

-       Know what to add and when to stop!

Sat 13th July 10am-4pm ‘Skies, Experimental Blending’ – £60

-       Experiment with different acrylic paint mediums to blend colour, creating atmosphere and drama.

-       Reflect the tonal colours of your sky into your land or sea.

-       * Acrylic blending mediums will be provided for this workshop *

Sat 20th July 10am-4pm ‘Trees And Shadows In The Woods’ - £58

-       Work dry to create atmosphere and movement.

-       Use Sponge and dribble mark making to create trees, leaves and branches.

-       With paint, describe dappled pathways in the summer sun.

Wed 24th July 10am-4pm ‘Waves, Rocks and Transparency’ - £58

-       Create textures in the surf with sponging, flicking and brushwork.

-       Challenge you with underpainting and over layering.

-       Create rock formations using different techniques.

Sat 3rd August 10am-4pm ‘The Orchard’ - £60

-       Discover how to use acrylic paint in thin loose washes for a warm glowing background seen through the darks and lights of the contrasting trees.

-       Use dribbling techniques and other mark making to create branches, bark and apple blossom.

Sat 17th August 10am-4pm ‘Sand Dunes And Surf’ – £58

-       Work loose and free to interpret movement and depth in an incoming tide.

-       Suggest breaks in the waves and the transparency of the water.

-       Create textures in the dunes and sand with scumbling, flicking and brushwork.

Sat 24th August 10am-4pm ‘Summer Meadows’ – £58

-       Interpret in acrylics the vibrant, varied colours and shapes of a varied landscape.

-       Suggest trees and buildings in the horizon using mark making.

-       Consider vanishing points.

Wed 18th September 10am-4pm ‘Cliff Tops And Beach Huts’ – £58

-       Create a beachscape with an atmospheric sky.

-       Interpret cliff tops, sand dunes and beach huts using different methods of mark making.

-       Use scumbling and underpainting techniques to create sand textures.

Sat 21st September 10am-4pm ‘Old Kitchen Gardens And Potting Sheds’ – £58

-       Nature and structure combined.

-       Subtly suggest an outbuilding, greenhouse or potting shed to create an interesting background, in contrast with a natural loose foreground.

Sat 28th September 10am-4pm ‘Breaking Waves, Surf And Spray’ – £60

-       Work large, loose and free to interpret movement and depth in a huge breaking wave.

-       Create textures in the surf with sponging, flicking and brushwork.




Kara Strachan’s Workshops

Kara’s acrylic workshops run throughout the year in Kara Strachan’s ground floor Studio Gallery at Curborough Hall Farm and Countryside Centre, in a lovely rural setting on the outskirts of Lichfield.

The aim of Kara’s workshops is to encourage those who are beginners and to guide those who already have skills and want to explore new techniques with acrylic paint, in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Workshops are for a maximum of eight people. One artist’s quality canvas and the use of an upright easel per person is provided for this workshop. Step by step demonstration will take place throughout the day and critique and guidance will be provided.

Tea, coffee and homemade cake will be provided for ‘Elevenses’, essential for creativity.


What you will require on the day

-          Acrylic paint - Kara will be demonstrating from primary pallet, Ultramarine Blue, Cobalt Blue, Cerulean Blue, Windsor Blue, Cadmiun Red, Crimson, Cadmiun Yellow and Titanium White.

-      Brushes of different sizes and shapes, they can be bristle of synthetic, cheap or expensive they will all make a mark of different kinds.

-      Rags for smudging and dabbing.

-      Although delicious ‘Elevenses’ are provided you may want to bring a packed lunch or pop for a quick bite in Mabel’s Tearooms. There will a short break for lunch.

-      Plenty of enthusiasm and creativity!

Please contact me if you are struggling with any of the above equipment as I’m sure I will be any to help. If you have a set of acrylic paints, please do not go out and buy more as I’m sure we can work with the equipment you already have.

Places on Kara’s workshops will be secured on receipt of payment. This can be by cheque, bank transfer or cash in person, or by post. Cheques made payable to Kara Strachan please.

No refunds are given unless a workshop is cancelled by the tutor.