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Kara Strachan The Art Loft Workshops April to August 2018

For bookings and availability please contact Kara


Wed 25th April 10am-4pm ‘Pathways Through The Bluebell Woods’ – £58

-       - Discover how to use acrylic paint in thin loose washes for a warm glowing background seen through the darks and lights of the contrasting trees.

-       Use dribbling techniques and other mark making to create branches, bark and Spring foliage.


Sat 12th May 10am-4pm ‘Landscapes with Atmosphere’ – £58

-       Discover how to paint using acrylic, dry and thick, with sponges and cloths, blended to create a colorful atmospheric sky

-       Use the underpainting method to form the lights and darks of shadows in the landscape.


Wed 13th June 10am-4pm ‘Alliums, Soft and Loose’ – £58

-       Discover how to paint using acrylic, dry and thick, with sponges and cloths, removing paint to create soft lights and darks.

-       Create the suggestion of flower heads with different forms of mark making.


Sat 30th June 10am-4pm ‘Poppy Fields and Landscape’ – £58

-       Interpret in acrylics the vibrant, varied colours and shapes of poppies in the fields

-       Suggesting trees in the horizon and considering vanishing points.


Wed 25th July 10am-4pm ‘Summer Seaside Dunes and Surf’ – £58

-       Use acrylics to underpaint and overlay to create the sun bouncing off the dunes

-       Layering and flicking of paint to develop water reflection and surf.


Wed 8th August 10am-4pm ‘Echinacea Heads, Magnified’ – £60

-       Work on a larger scale, looking closely at the unique structure of these striking flowers.

-       Work with paint to create soft smoky textures and floral backgrounds as well as detail.


Wed 15th August 10am-4pm ‘Huge Breaking Wave and Flickering Surf’ - £60

-       Work large, loose and free to interpret movement and depth in a huge breaking wave.

-       Create textures in the surf with sponging, flicking and brushwork.


Sat 18th August 10am-4pm ‘Summer Woodland Walks’ – Cost £58

-       Work very dry to create atmosphere and movement with lights and darks of tree branches in the background. Adding and taking paint off the canvas to produce softer qualities.

-       Describe, with paint dappled pathways in the summer sun.


Wed 29th August 10am-4pm ‘The Colours of Dusk on a Summers Beach’ –  £58

-       Encourage you to think about vanishing points and horizons in your artwork.

-       Challenging you with underpainting and over layering, mirroring all that is in your sky in your sandy wet Beachscape. Mixing warm and cool tones in your paint to create perspective.